On the sims 3 pets, when you create a household you have a choice to either create a sim or you can create a pet. Of course, you have to make at least one sim too, as a pet can't look after itself!!!! If you have made a household before your purchase of the game and you would still like to play on that household, you can look out for any pets to adopt. You have to keep checking by clicking on the mobile phone. When there is pet up for adoption, you look at the info and the picture of the animal. You cannot adopt an animal that lives in a fish bowl, cage etc. If you like the look and info of the animal, you can click it to adopt it. When it arrives, it has a name already but if you want to, you have the option to rename it. When it comes it will either walk or run up to your house. Make sure you also have all of the pet essentials for when it arrives. Like chidren, if they aren't looked after the social worker takes them away. As long as you look after your new pet, your pet will have a long and happy life!!!!!!