To request a space as a sysop administrator, you need to contact the "superadmin" of the wiki. If you go to their talk page and you see that they are absent, you can also contact an administrator. The "superadmin" has the powers of all of them and even more so if the "superadmin" is absent and their is not bureaucrat, the positions will be temorarily closed. I am hardly ever on this wiki at the weekend but sometimes, I might pop up for a few hours.

Sysop requests are currently OPEN.


. Must have no history of vandalism

. Must have a strong potential (That I can see)

. Must also have a good relatioship with a bureaucrat or the "superadmin". If you haven't, work it up and try again!!!!!

. Must have some good ideas

To request a space for a sysop administrator, click here.

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